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I agree to periodically review, update and renew these agreements and related tools (mission, vision, membership and land use policies, etc.) as an EarthArt Village collaborative process. Saietta Group PLC announced on Monday that it has entered into an agreement with Electric Assisted Vehicles Ltd. to be the exclusive supplier of in-wheel traction motors for the Lightweight Inner-City Solution vehicle offered by EAV. The EAV agreements are derived from the agreements of other communities and the initial focus group work of EarthArt Village. These agreements aim to focus and express our intentions – our common dreams and commitments. They support us in clear communication and mutual understanding in order to reach our highest potential individually and as a common project. The agreements are 100% consensual; they renew and develop as we evolve. Agreements are only amended, added and deleted by consensus. I agree to listen fully and respectfully to others and to listen to their deepest meaning. I agree that everyone is a teacher and a learner; the highest thought in a particular situation can come from anyone. The company said that EAV is currently focused on the development of the Lightweight Inner-City Solution complementary vehicle with saietta, and that if EAV customers adopt it, saietta will generate engine sales revenue from its exclusive supply agreement, royalty revenues and project costs to scale up conditional production by volume, as well as certain other potential sources of income.

By becoming a member, each person freely chooses to participate in the principles and practices expressed in this Membership Guide and Agreements. It is planned to periodically review and revise this document to ensure congruence and growth. I agree to be receptive to the views and expressions of other members and to respond to them without judgment and from a loving space. I agree to take the time to build a relationship and reconnect with someone with whom I don`t feel in harmony whenever appropriate. “The growing collaboration with EAV in the development of their LINCS platform will help demonstrate how effective saietta-in-wheel engines can be for light commercial vehicles, and we hope they can become a significant revenue opportunity,” the company said. EarthArt Village Working Days – Volunteering and Community Work Sharing Regular EarthArt Village Business Meetings and Social Gatherings I recognize that others can make decisions that affect me and I agree to stick to them and respect the care, integrity and wisdom that has been brought to the decision-making process. I agree with the mission, goals and objectives of the EarthArt Village as defined in various AVE documents and choose participation as a way of life. .

I agree to deal with problems, complaints and annoyances directly to the person(s) with whom I can resolve them at the earliest opportunity and will redirect others to do so. I agree to give and receive constructive feedback (not to criticize, complain or gossip someone who is not involved). I agree to participate in the creation of a common and evolving vision of EarthArt Village that also supports the journey of each member. Essential membership agreements These are commitments to the basic concepts around which EarthArt Village was created and are therefore indispensable. Becoming a member means accepting it implicitly and explicitly as a way of life. Although the way they are expressed and experienced may change over time, the basic content is permanent. Recognizing that everyone is entitled to their opinion and experience, I agree to listen to others without interrupting or arguing; divulge my opinions and experiences without trying to convince anyone that I am right; and validate the opinions and feelings of others by giving non-judgmental comments. I am committed to respecting the property of other people and the EarthArt Village and all forms of life. to live with respect for the land and for each other and to maintain our land ownership through proper management, designated wilderness areas and environmentally sound use of our resources. The British electric propulsion company said EAV had begun selling its existing range of electric cargo bikes to a wide range of customers, including Asda Group Ltd. and Ocado Group PLC, and had sold a number of them to a major global automotive supplier for evaluation, development and testing.

I recognize the unique value of everyone`s contributions and our diversity as an important source of our co-creativity. I agree to support EarthArt Village to keep doing what works and stop doing what doesn`t work. I am willing to look for the unresolved problem within me that causes a disproportionate reaction to a situation or person. I am committed to taking full responsibility for the environmental and human impact of all my activities. I accept a peaceful and non-violent lifestyle personally and in all my relationships. I agree with EarthArt Village`s active support for the ecovillages movement as much as possible. I agree to support the creation of livelihoods within EarthArt Village – member-led and environmentally friendly businesses that carry out the EAV mission. I agree to resolve conflicts and personal problems in agreed ways (as determined), recognizing that each person has a chance to grow in this process, and committing to go beyond mere compromise and find truly transformative solutions. I agree to be honest with EarthArt Village and to comply with my personal, professional and financial obligations. I agree to consider the long-term outcomes of personal decisions and actions and the EarthArt Village and their impact on nature and future generations. I agree to maintain my individual commitment to EarthArt Village by bringing my ideas, talents and energies in a spirit of active engagement and participation.

Write to Anthony O. Goriainoff anthony.orunagoriainoff@dowjones.com I agree to support the group`s process, making decisions and decisions that move us personally forward and advance the project as a whole in its mission. I agree to use the grievances as opportunities for self-growth and resolve issues constructively: the company also said it is continuing discussions with a number of Chinese OEMs on offering a national regional license for the 2021 tender in China. I agree to foster community spirit in several ways, including but not limited to participating in: I accept the governance of EarthArt Village through the consensus decision-making process. I agree to foster an environment of authentic collaboration where everyone feels empowered to realize their individual and collective potential. .

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