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How to Get General Contractor License Ontario

Permitting well operators and technicians promotes and supports the application of safe environmental practices to maintain the health of Ontario`s groundwater resources. A drilling contractor`s licence allows your business to be remunerated for the following activities: As of January 1, 2022, the application fee for the drilling contractor`s licence has been increased to $200. The increase brings Ontario`s drilling program fees closer to those of other Canadian provinces and helps cover some of the increased costs of the licensing program. As a general contractor, you will need to manage a variety of tasks related to construction projects and ensure that all planned work is completed within budget, on time and under specified conditions. You will need a business licence from your city and business insurance for your clients to become a general contractor in Ontario. General contractors must have professional experience or good technical training in this field. These review criteria do not apply to offences for which a licensee or applicant has been granted a record suspension (i.e., pardon) by the Parole Board of Canada. Despite these screening criteria, the licence may be granted or renewed if a licence has already been granted or renewed and the applicant`s or licensee`s records do not reveal a new violation of the selection criteria without the matter being referred to the Toronto Permit Tribunal. Ontario`s construction industry is a dynamic and competitive sector that can offer both opportunities and challenges for contractors. From general contractor to highly specialized catering, there are many types of construction companies. Before you start your business, think about the types of construction services your business will offer.

Depending on your services, you need to follow several steps to start your business. If you hire an independent contractor to work with your business, you must ensure that they have received a certificate of authorization from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Commission (WSIB). The certificate is issued free of charge and proves that the contractor is registered with the WSIB and has a reputable account. The certificate also relieves you of financial responsibility for WSIB payments. Since 1976, aspiring Ontario builders have had to work through Tarion, a program created by the province, to be registered in their profession. After meeting Tarion`s educational requirements, completing the paperwork and paying the fee, you can apply for registration. If you`re working on a project as a general contractor, Tarion explains, you`ll also need to enroll the building in the Ontario Warranty Program. Some selected sectors, such as . B the construction of condominiums, have added regulations for registration as a builder.

It is also possible that the local government in your area of Ontario may have additional requirements. Toronto explains that there are specific licensing requirements for building renovators, for example. If you work with electricity, contact the Office of Electrical Safety (ESA), a not-for-profit organization responsible for public electrical safety in Ontario. ESA provides ongoing safety services and advice, equipment and product approval inspections, wiring inspections, general inspections and information on the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. If you want to hire Quebec contractors or workers, you must ensure that they are registered with the Employment Protection Office (OPP) of the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development. Contractors and construction workers in Quebec must register with JPO and provide proof of competence and tax responsibility before they can work in Ontario. A person who advertises renovation work as a contractor or contractor for building renovation, including the alteration, repair or renovation of buildings or structures. This does not apply to a contractor whose main activity is the construction of buildings or structures. In Ontario, you register as a builder rather than as a general contractor, as you would in the United States, Tarion defines a builder as someone who is committed to doing all the work and providing all the materials needed to build a finished home. This is true whether you are building a house for sale or building it under contract for someone else. Well operators may request a Well Technician Assistant badge for their non-licensed assistants.

Existing licensees must renew their licence online. License renewal fees can be paid online or by cheque. Effective January 1, 2022, the renewal fee for the well contractor`s licence has increased to $200. Get your contractor`s licence based on the city or county where you live in the province of Ontario. While a specific license in Ontario is not required for employment, you may need one to enter into a written contract with a contractor in cities like Toronto. Toronto requires a building permit for roofers, masons, carpenters, concrete workers, insulators, flooring companies or window installers. In short, subcontractors who work for a general contractor must also have a licence under the City of Toronto Municipal Code. .

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