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Developer Extension Agreement

D. Hearing – Law – Limited Appeal. The arbitrator will hold a private hearing within ninety (90) days of the first request for arbitration and will take reasonable steps to complete the hearing within three (3) days. The arbitrator`s written decision must be rendered no later than fourteen (14) calendar days after the end of the hearing. These time limits are included to expedite the proceedings, but they do not have jurisdiction, and the arbitrator may, for just cause, grant or grant reasonable extensions that do not affect the validity of the award. The written decision must contain a brief description of the claim(s) identified and the award granted for each claim. The arbitrator applies substantive law in the decision and award. In the absence of fraud, collusion or wilful misconduct on the part of the arbitrator, the award shall be final and the judgment may be entered in any court having jurisdiction over the parties. The arbitrator may grant a request for an injunction or any other remedy by a judge, including the association of parties or the consolidation of such arbitration with other arbitration proceedings that may concern common legal or factual issues or promote judicial economy, but does not have the power to award punitive or exemplary damages. The district has a consulting engineer who prepares the agreements and collects the costs of design review and building inspection based on the quality of the PDF plans submitted. (7) the calculation of the value of a taxable unit for the assessment or distribution of part of the total cost of the local collection system installed by the proponent, both within and outside the area of the platform or subdivision, using a zone and a terminal or a modified zone and termini method to determine the total number of taxable units in the plate or subdivision; As of February 24, 2000, the standard term of a developer contract extension contract for the Lake Stevens Sewer District is three years. This change to the default term of developer extension agreements applies to agreements in effect on the effective date.

[Res. 669, 2000.] d. Entire Agreement. This easement agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties in this matter. It may be amended in writing only if it has been signed by the party against whom the implementation of the amendment is requested. The City and the Land Developer enter into a written agreement on the extension of the developer, in which the responsibilities of each party are specified. (Ord. 211 § 1(1), 1968). The connection fee payable under a developer extension contract is due and payable at the time of execution of the sale of security that transfers the project to the district without privileges or charges, and when all the conditions of the developer`s extension agreement have been met to the satisfaction of the district.

(Res. 636 § 1, 1998.] In the event that, after receiving the construction plans approved by the City, the Developer has not commenced construction within five (5) years of the execution of this Agreement and the City determines, in its sole discretion, that the extensions must be completed in order for the City to provide water services, sewer and/or rainwater and/or road extensions to the Developer`s property, The City may then notify the Developer (by registered mail to the addresses indicated herein) that construction of water, wastewater, rainwater and road improvements must begin within sixty (60) calendar days of this notice being sent. If construction is not started within the time specified in the service connection contracts, you will be used for fire hydrant extensions/moves, sprinkler vaults, short panel water supply connections connecting an existing water pipe, and new side sewer connections. E. Modifications to the described extensions: The City may require that the wastewater, rainwater, water and road extensions described above be modified during the preparation of construction plans and specifications (including changes to design and site) if the City deems it necessary. Construction plans and specifications, when approved by the City, are considered documents that (3) designate a qualified engineer to represent the City in the inspection of the system installed by the developer; One. After approval by City Council and execution of this Agreement, the Proponent is hereby authorized to construct extensions of the City`s sewer, rainwater, water and road systems subject to this Agreement, each of which is incorporated by this reference herein, all of which are collectively referred to as “Contract Documents” and are hereby included: (9) reimburse the developer for the cost of its sewer expansion, by transferring to the developer for a maximum period of 10 years or until early repayment of the royalties charged by the City to users who did not participate in the initial costs of such a sewer system, on the following basis: (6) provision of “as built” drawings of the developer`s extension; 4. Preparation of a repayment agreement, if necessary. Under such an agreement, it is the responsibility of the developer: The following terms, as used in the contract documents of the developer`s extension agreement, are defined and interpreted as follows: b) The city divides the amounts calculated and collected instead of assessments to the developer for the expansion according to the formula agreed to during the 10-year period from the date of acceptance of the sewer system by the city or until such reimbursement is made within that period ….

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