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Bcnu Collective Agreement Seniority

(c) Where an amicable agreement cannot be reached in accordance with point (b), the matter shall be settled in accordance with Article 5 of the collective agreement. Any changes deemed necessary to this Agreement may be made by mutual agreement at any time during the term of this Agreement. (5) In addition to the persons designated by the parties, each party may use other employees of the institution who are not members of the collective bargaining unit or management, provided that this is done by mutual agreement. Therefore, this is the purpose of both Parties to this Agreement: (1) A representative of the employer and the Secretary-Director General of the HEU or the UNCO Labour Relations Officer or his agent shall meet monthly or as often as necessary to review outstanding complaints in order to determine by mutual agreement which claims are suitable for expedited arbitration. If the employee does not file a complaint about the content of the assessment within twenty-one (21) days of the date the employee signed the disagreeing assessment, the assessment becomes part of the employee`s file. 7. The employer shall keep both (a) a master`s seniority list containing all casual workers employed by the employer in descending order of their seniority; and (b) a classification register for each job classification in which casual workers may be used. In each classification register, casual workers qualified to work in that occupational classification are listed in descending order of hours worked. (6) Casual workers shall accumulate seniority according to the number of hours worked. (c) Leave plans, once published, may not be amended, except in cases of emergency, by mutual agreement between the employer and the employee. Employees who are absent from work and receive WCB compensation benefits are considered leave without pay, except that seniority and benefits continue to accumulate. 1. In the event of a reduction in the number of employees, full-time regular workers and regular part-time workers shall be dismissed in the reverse order of seniority, provided that there are workers of higher seniority who are qualified and willing to carry out the work of the workers made redundant.

At the end of the probationary period, the initial date of employment is used to determine benefits and seniority. (d) Where a written request for a change in the start time is made by a worker who would not allow ten (10) consecutive hours of work between the end of one (1) shift and the start of another shift, and such a request is granted, the application of Article 8.03(b) and (c) shall be waived for all workers affected by the granting of such a request. if they agree. Service in the Armed Forces of Canada in time of war or compulsory military service or service with the employer as a supervising employee is deemed not to constitute an uninterrupted interruption of service and does not affect an employee`s seniority rights. (2) in the case of the other parent, after the adoption or birth of the child and close within fifty-two (52) weeks after the date of birth or adoption of the child. “Other parent” is defined as the father of the child and/or the spouse of the mother, including the common law spouse within the meaning of this collective agreement. Such a request for leave must be supported by appropriate documentation. If seniority rights are contested and two (2) or more employees have the same seniority, the matter will be decided by a consensual method for the parties. c) If an employee is absent for unpaid leave or an accumulation of leave without pay of more than twenty (20) shifts in a year, the employee must not accumulate benefits or seniority between the twenty-first (21st) day of unpaid leave and the last day of leave without pay. With the exception of employees of WCB, Kranken, LTD, maternity, parenting, adoption and ICBC leave. (5) The night shift may have to work up to ten (10) shifts per year on the day shift for the purposes of performance evaluation and employee training.

The provisions of the collective agreement relating to time limits and overtime remain in full force and effect in the event of a schedule change. The parties to this agreement share the desire to provide the residents of the house with services of the highest quality. As a result, they are committed to establishing an effective employment relationship within the framework provided for by law at all levels where members of the collective bargaining unit are employed. the employee of the collective bargaining unit, unless mutually agreed by the parties to this agreement. (b) A worker who does not exercise his rights of seniority on the above-mentioned reference date shall not be entitled to exercise those rights in respect of a period of leave previously chosen by a worker of lesser seniority. 2. Parking fees will not be increased during the term of this Agreement. A worker who wishes to be exempted from promotion, voluntary downgrading or transfer during the waiting period in the new post must return to the employee`s previous job classification on the same basis as described in Article 6.06(2), without losing seniority or social benefits.

(a) Less than five (5) years of seniority – twenty-eight (28) calendar days (4 weeks); An arbitration chamber established under this article of the collective agreement shall have twenty (20) days to rule on the matter to be settled, unless this period is extended by mutual agreement between the parties. (30) A few days after the ratification of the Agreement. In the event that the parties are unable to reach an agreement, written submissions of not more than two (2) pages will be made available to an arbitrator who will make a binding decision. An employee loses his seniority and is deemed to have terminated his employment relationship if: (d) The employer also takes into account the requests of employees with the required seniority who, by reason of sick leave, annual leave, leave without pay, union leave, compassionate care leave, educational leave or special leave, and who have completed an application form prior to each absence indicating the positions they are looking for if a vacancy or new position arises during their absence. In addition, these meetings may address other workplace matters that affect the parties or an employee bound by this Agreement, including, but not limited to: No disciplinary documents may be included in the employee`s personal file without the employee`s knowledge. The employee must initialize all these documents in an employee`s personal file. The initials of a document do not indicate the approval or rejection of the content. .

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